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Main Investigators


Prof. Alberto


I am a population and community ecologist with 30 year experience on aquatic ecosystems. I am intersted in niche theory and metabolic theory; these are among the most powerful conceptual tools to address solutions to key environmental issues, such as adaptation to climate change and disturbance-based change, ecosystem health assessment, biodiversity and ecosystem service conservation with basic ecological knowledge




Eng. Nicola

I’m interested in conceptual modelling and fast prototyping of Ubiquitous Web applications. IDM is the model language I refer to and I contribute to evolve, but I draw also from UML models. Environment of my case studies applications ranges from business software to e-government services and e-learning applications. I’m also interested in evaluating and comparing emergent technologies for the implementation of Ubiquitous Web applications.

 Dr. Ilaria ROSATI


My current research is focused on (a) monitoring, conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems;  specifically I work in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in  Mediterranean transitional waters and (b) community ecology,  specifically I study taxonomic and dimensional characteristics of benthic  macroinvertebrate guilds.


Dr. Enrico BARBONE 

I have a degree in Natural Science (University of Bari) and a PhD in fundamental Ecology (University of Lecce). After the PhD i moved to the Apulian Environmental Protection Agency (Italy) where I' m involved in sampling activities and statistical analysis of monitoring data of both freshwater and marine water bodies (sensu Water Frame Directive). I'm interested the evaluation of ecological status of aquatic ecosystems, searching for taking account of their intrinsic natural heterogeneity.

 Partner Role

Responsible of WP3 Organisation with the realisation of the Transitional Water Platform.

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