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Data Providers Transitional Water Platform

Initiated by TWReferenceNet and CIRCLEMED/ClimBIOMed (Scientific Network Strategy)



Letter of Intent


1.     This legally non-binding Letter of Intent (LoI) expresses the intention of individual research groups and/or scientific networks here indicated as the Parties, to collaborate in the Data Providers Transitional Water Platform (TWP, initiated by TWReferenceNET and ClimBioMedNet projects on the Scientific Network Strategy, in order to develop, share and use biodiversity and environmental niche data and information on transitional waters.


2.     As the Parties comprise membership from individual organizations, and mandates from these memberships to develop relevant operational partnerships, it is envisaged that the conditions of this LoI will apply to the coordinating facilities of the Parties as well as their joint and respective memberships. As such, reference to the Parties incorporates the full organisational memberships respectively.


3.     The objective of this LoI is to express the intention of the Parties in the Data Providers Transitional Water Platform to install a framework for co-operative and collaborative work among each other and between the ongoing and new initiatives on Euro-Mediterranean and Global scale, while recognising each other’s respective independent yet complementary missions, along the following lines to promote, foster, or support:

a.     a common, free and open access policy on data and software, without violating the ownership of the individual data providers/members and without violating the data licenses imposed by the original data owner/provider;

b.     the use of common standards and protocols;

c.     the interoperability of the Parties’ data information architecture and the TWP architecture;

d.     the scientific and societal use of the Parties’ mediated data together with the TWP infrastructural and analytical capabilities;

e.     the development of support tools to assist the Parties and users to analyse their (primary) biodiversity and environmental niche data and metadata through the TWP infrastructure, services and tools.


4.     The Parties will seek support for further participation in the Data Providers Transitional Water Platform, dedicated to the continued maintenance and improvement of the Parties to meet common goals, with the following specific aims:

a.     keeping the interest of the Parties and its members in the ongoing and future projects

b.     developing joint thematic or training workshops and other meetings both at the European and national levels;

c.     development of joint communications and guidelines on how members of the Parties can benefit from joint activities with TWP;

d.     identifying and implementing collaborative projects of value to the Parties and the TWP;

e.     ensuring frequent two-way communication between the Parties and TWP on activities and joint publicity to audiences in support of these cooperative activities.


5.     Parties agree that they will clearly label the source of all data information and content, and require users to indicate those sources in any subsequent re-use. Each Party agrees to fully acknowledge the other (verbally and by including logos) when citing or promoting jointly developed products.


6.     The Data Providers Transitional Water Platform will be managed by a Steering Committee, initially chaired by University of Salento, as founder of the TWP, with an equal vote principle for the representatives of Data Providers supporting significant data contributions (like the founder TWReferenceNet and ClimBioMedNet partners) and with one selected (voted) representative that will represent smaller contributors of Data. In the first meeting the members of the Steering Committee will choose a chairperson and decide on further regulations. Participation in the Steering Committee of the Data Providers Transitional Water Platform is voluntary.