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The Transitional Water Platform developed within the project is the largest DataBase on Mediterranean and Black Sea lagoons.

It is hosted by the Observatory on Mediterranean Ecosystem Ecology and Health. The Observatory will manage the TWP and further develop it in the future.

The TWP will be open to the community of Euro‐Mediterranean lagoon networks, becoming a tool for the Euro‐Mediterranean Lagoon Federation (EuroMedLag).
This connection with the Lagoon Federation will strongly support the development of the TWP; there is already an agreement with the South Baltic Programme project ARTWEI to support the development of the Baltic Lagoon Data Platform and to merge the two Platforms at the completion of the projects.
Moreover the TWP has been invited to contribute to the large research infrastructure project LifeWatch and on the behalf of the EuroMedLag Federation one of the ClimBioMedNet partners had signed a MOI for a the integration of the existing data platform in the LifeWatch infrastructure. This integration would allow to maximise the accessibility of data, their integration and use, substantially increasing the impact of the EU‐funding to ClimBioMedNet on the Mediterranean scientific and stakeholder communities interested in the lagoon responses to climate change. The integration of the TWP produced within ClimBioMedNet into larger networks is a strength point of the TWP since it is likely to guarantee the use of the Platform by different categories of stakeholders; the biodiversity change scenarios produced by the project will be likely the most used products of the TWP.