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Since 1967, year of its foundation, the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of our University has been distinguished for the richness and modernity of its training. The activated courses, in addition to being at the forefront in terms of teaching and learning, have fostered the creation of highly competitive professionals both at national and international level.


In the framework of the growing internationalization and of an increased cultural openness towards European and non-European countries, the Faculty has planned for the academic year 2010/2011 the activation of the first Course of the University Salento provided solely and entirely in English.


This course is a Bachelor's Degree in Class LM-6 of the master's degree in Biology, named Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology (CMBE). As required by the DM 270/04 and as detailed in the Academic Regulations of the course, the access to CMBE requires specific curricular requirements with an admission test verifying the personal preparation of candidates.


Planned teaching activities are designed to train graduates with a thorough understanding of the biology and ecology of coastal and marine ecosystems, the sampling methodology, the analytical tools and the techniques of gathering and analyzing data, the statistical tools, together with mathematical and computer support. They also provide the training of graduates with an adequate command of the scientific method, able to face applicative issues such as the monitoring, conservation and management of biodiversity and its functioning, and of the goods and services produced by coastal and marine ecosystems.

Furthermore, the course aims to train graduates using a fluent English, both written and spoken (with specific reference to scientific English), able to work individually, also assuming the responsibility of projects and structures.

Supplemental activities - such as internships training (in companies, public administrations, marine protected areas, laboratories) and stages (in Italian and in foreign universities) will be also provided, in addition to classroom exercises and practical’s in the lab and / or in the field, to provide a practical training fundamental to the aims of the course and critical in the preparation of a specialist in biology. These activities will be carried out also in the framework of international agreements like the European Network of Excellence on Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning.


Finally, CMBE offers significant professional opportunities such as top management and productive activities in various areas of application (such as the management and the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems, the management of protected areas, the monitoring of the health and the analysis of the ecological risk). Also, it provides an excellent cultural background for the access to PhD courses and to School of Specialization in pertinent fields.


Please note that this article has been published on the issue 27/2010 of the Bulletin of the University.